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People First is a 'state of mind', a movement if you will - designed to bring together Business Owners, Leaders, Managers, and other like-minded people who are recognizing that something isn't 'quite right' in the business world we operate in.

The network allows our members to contribute and engage with each other as we seek to move beyond discussion that raises awareness and interest towards action as we introduce tools to people that allow them to understand what is going on and develop strategies to mitigate their exposure.

The art featured on this page is courtesy of J. R. Korpa - except for the 'network installation' serving as the banner. That comes courtesy of Alina Grubnyak.

Why You Should Join Us

Do you feel that there is something not quite right in the world - but you can't quite put your finger on it? Yeah - me too. We think it is because people have increasingly taken a back seat to big business interests, big tech, politics ... there's a raft of reasons why most businesses just don’t seem to 'get a break'.

We break those broad ideas into the eight pillars of People First. They are big topics - and I think it is time to publish the thinking. (Watch this space).

There is no charge and when/if we introduce payments, our early 'founders community' will see benefits such as free of preferential rates and discounts on the planned materials and courses.

The early joiners of the network are being carefully vetted. This is not a social media-driven grow to hyndreds and thousands for the sake of it, rather a purposeful steady growth where all members contribute and help set the direction of the movement.

A Big Thank YOU

It's a journey. And the start of the journey at that. Thank you for travelling with us. Many more thanks for joining us.

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